These delicate ear tattoos are the subtle accessory we never knew we needed

We love tattoos. So we’re always paying attention to what’s new and ~trendy~ in the world of tattoos. When we came across these epic designs by @zihee_tattoo, it was an instant kinda love. Like, seriously, we had all the heart eyes for this artist’s amazingly unique tattoos. The main thing that caught our eye was their ear tattoos. Who knew we’d been missing out on this perfectly permanent accessory?!

How amazingly beautiful is this ear tattoo? Answer: so, so beautiful.

We seriously never would have come up with this stunning idea!

Who would have guessed that ear tattoos would be the new ~it thing~?!

Ear tattoos are like the ear cuff, but, ya know, permanent. And a total work of art!

We’re also seriously digging this artist’s other creations.

Like this killer behind the ear tattoo.

It’s such a smart, sneaky spot. Just put your hair down, and bye, tiny tat.

And this floral beauty.

Ooh la la!

This floral ring tattoo is also giving us all of the feels.

We’d rock a whole bunch of these, TBH. We’d never lose our rings again!

It’s just so delicate and beautiful.

All the heart eyes for this beauty.

This leaf tattoo is also a perfectly understated tiny tattoo.

We’re loving that combination of colors, too!

We couldn’t forget this soft and stunning ankle tattoo, either.

How lovely is that?! We’re so into the upgrade this artist is putting on jewelry tattoos.

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