The new dELiA*s catalog has a total ‘zine vibe

For us ’90s kids, we’ve had a lot of up-and-downs when it comes to our fave store, dELiA*s. Around this time last year, we discovered that it had declared bankruptcy and liquidated all its merchandise. And we cried sad tears. But then, we found out this April that it’s returning as an e-shop! And we cried happy tears! And THEN, news broke in August that we can get the catalog delivered monthly to our door, just like the old days, and GUESS WHAT WE DID. (Spoiler: It involves tears.)

Now, we’ve got a taste of the new catalogue, and it’s better than we could have ever imagined. It’s going to have a ‘zine feel, with editorial spreads and content, like the Rookie of our ’90s dreams. For the first edition of the revamped ‘zine-catalog, the subject will be 16-year-old Flynn McGarry, who released a cookbook when he was just 11 and went on to own his own NYC restaurant.

Although all of us are super nostalgic for our dELiA*s days, we are no longer the brand’s focus — which is exactly why they’re revamping their image and style. “dELiA*s isn’t relying on nostalgic millennials anymore,” dELiA*s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, Patricia Johnson, said in a press release, according to Racked. “We’re sort of enhancing what dELiA*s was, so we’re focusing in on things we think are important to [the customer], like food.”

The catalog will be focusing on teens like McGarry to be a role model for the target dELiA*s customer. “For the past few months, we’ve been reaching out to collaborate with young talent that our girls can aspire to,” Johnson said in the release.

Well, one thing’s for sure: No matter their target customer, many nostalgic millennials (myself included) will be signing up for the new catalog to check it out. To get it delivered to you every month, you can sign up here. Be still, our beating ’90s hearts.

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