Be still, our ’90s hearts: dELiA*s is officially coming back!

Last December, dELiA*s declared bankruptcy and liquidated all of its merchandise, and ’90s girls the world over mourned the loss of the iconic catalogue retailer. We reminisced, we wrote love letters, we dug out our old platform flip-flops and Paul Frank graphic tees. But now, everyone’s favorite clothing catalogue has announced that they’re coming back — and let’s just say we’re feeling some major back-to-school shopping envy.

In an Instagram post last week, dELiA*s officially dropped the news that they’d be returning as an e-shop in the fall. It should be noted that when the brand went bankrupt last year, they also had e-commerce; but it seems like they’re exclusively sticking to the web this time around, and we’re totally behind them on their decision. (It’s a smart move, because according to comScore’s quarterly State Of Retail report, Millennials remain the number one age demographic for online shopping.) To date, the post has racked up over 10,000 likes — so clearly we aren’t alone in our support.

And in case you were worried this means the catalogue itself would be no longer, dELiA*s quickly clarified in a follow-up post that this would not be the case. We’re not entirely sure if teenagers care about catalogues like we used to, but there’s something unbelievably satisfying in curling up with a good one and just circling all the things you want — so we’re glad they’re keeping it, at least for nostalgia’s sake.

As of now, the official dELiA*s website has a gloriously exciting (if somewhat ominous) message on its page with the hashtag #DeliasForever — and we can’t wait to see what the store stocks up on in the fall. It probably won’t be pleather maxi skirts and paisley tankinis, but here’s hoping they have a #TBT section for us to browse.

(Images via dELiA*s, via.)