Our beloved dELiA*s is back and we couldn’t be happier about it

We all know where we were when we found out that dELiA*s was going out of business.

We cried, we mourned, we wrote love letters to one of our favorite ’90s retailers and we treasured our now-priceless copies of the catalogues we’d received in the mail. We have nothing but fond memories of excitedly flipping through the pages, gazing longingly at graphic tees, strappy dresses and unapologetic bellbottom jeans.

Mourn no more, ladies, because we already know that dELiA*s is coming back! While it was originally announced that the once-bankrupt clothing retailer would be an e-shop, it turns out they’re also going back to their catalogue origins too. In addition to the newly launched website (which has been revamped under the name store.delias.com, although you can still get there by typing in delias.com too), you can also sign up to receive a monthly catalogue mailed right to your door — which, surprisingly, has many teen girls totally psyched.

dELiA*s 2.0 is also trying to become a much more interactive experience for fans — so not only are they busily Instagramming from their official account, but they’ve also started a YouTube channel and a Snapchat account.

In an interview with Racked.com, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer Patricia Johnson said that when it comes to the new dELiA*s, they want to create a brand that not only brings back some of the nostalgia of the 90s era but also fosters a look for teen girls that will be a lot more age-appropriate during one of the biggest transition periods of their lives.

“Girls today are going from a Justice or a Gymboree or a Children’s Place straight to Forever 21,” Johnson said. “And that sometimes is a little scary, so [she’s] trying to find a place where she can go to that feels safe, that feels on trend.”

This is definitely a #TBT that we can get behind in a big way. #deliasforever.

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