Cara Delevingne just did an incredibly difficult Mannequin Challenge and we love it

As you probably know, the Mannequin Challenge is everywhere, and people can’t seem to get enough. Cara Delevingne just did an incredibly difficult Mannequin Challenge, reported The Cut, and we love it. In fact, we can’t stop watching.

Delevingne’s Mannequin Challenge took place at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, which is a super hip and classy place to be.

When you watch the clip, it’ll be like you’re watching a black-and-white film, but in color, with a roomful of people frozen in time. One person’s about to light a cigarette, lighter in mid-air, while another appears to be talking, cut off mid-sentence. In any case, how awesome is it that the entire room participated in the Mannequin Challenge — and amazingly so?!

Here it is, straight from Delevingne’s Instagram.

Delevingne’s Mannequin Challenge is further proof that the Mannequin Challenge keeps getting, erm, even more challenging for the rest of us.

ICYMI, Taylor Swift just did the Mannequin Challenge with some of her squad the other day. They tried it on the beach, wind and all, and aced it—of course.

Pre-election, Hillary Clinton also tried the Mannequin Challenge. None other than Bon Jovi, some of her campaign team, and husband Bill Clinton participated, too. They all did an epic job, btw.

And then there was the cast of Hamilton, who did the #Hammequin Challenge recently. Ah-mazing! And they should get points just for the name, amirite?!

In any case, one thing’s for sure: We now have bigger and better #MannequinChallengeGoals. So thank you, Cara Delevingne, for giving us even more inspo for the Mannequin Challenge. Now excuse us while we go practice.

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