Uber freaked out about #DeleteUber — here’s what they’re doing about it

What a time to be alive, friends. Everyone’s go-to ride just responded to the viral #DeleteUber by pledging $3 million dollars to their drivers. ICYMI, here’s what led to #DeleteUber: As you probably know, last week, Donald Trump issued an executive order banning refugees and immigrants from many Muslim-majority countries. Protests exploded all over the country, and we were like, TG! In a brave move of solidarity, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance decided to protest, too.

But then Uber made everyone mad by turning the protest into a marketing move, announcing that they’d remove surge pricing and undercutting the work of protesters, leading #DeleteUber to start trending on social media.

According to Fortune, the now-viral tag #DeleteUber was started by Dan O’Sullivan, who criticized Uber’s support of Trump in this way, and financially. false

In a Facebook post, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick tried to combat the beyond viral push to #DeleteUber.

"At Uber we’ve always believed in standing up for what’s right. Today we need your help supporting drivers who may be impacted by the President's unjust immigration ban."


So how is Uber trying to make things right? By supporting Uber drivers who are specifically harmed by the refugee ban.

"Here’s what Uber will do: - Provide 24/7 legal support for drivers who are trying to get back into the country. Our lawyers and immigration experts will be on call 24/7 to help. - Compensate drivers for their lost earnings. This will help them support their families and put food on the table while they are banned from the US; - Urge the government to reinstate the right of U.S. residents to travel - whatever their country of origin - immediately; - Create a $3 million legal defense fund to help drivers with immigration and translation services."

This comes after LYFT planned to donate $1 million to the ACLU. As far as we’re concerned, the more support for marginalized people in this trying time, the better.