We’re cracking up over this risqué “deleted scene” from “Finding Dory”

It’s always fun when costars get to reunite after working on a big project, and that’s exactly what happened yesterday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ed O’Neill chatted with Ellen about a few projects, but of course they chatted about their hit animated sequel Finding Dory. While the movie, edited as it was, was obviously a huge success, DeGeneres and O’Neill revealed that there was a scene that definitely ended up on the cutting room floor.

O’Neill provided the voice of Hank in the film, and it definitely wasn’t his first time voicing a big character. While acting in his hit sitcom Modern Family, O’Neill has gone on to voice Mr. Litwak in Wreck-It Ralph, and Orson in The Penguins of Madagascar television series.

But, there’s a pretty good chance that none of his characters had the racy dialogue that Hank ended up having. Watch for yourself:


We have a feeling that scene would definitely bump the movie up to PG-13. At least.

The best part ever is probably Hank’s announcement of “look at my junk!” That’ll keep us LOLing for quite some time.

While the movie, sadly, didn’t score an Academy Award nomination this year, we’re still glad that DeGeneres and O’Neill have a great sense of humor about their work. And, it’s good to know that the fish from Finding Dory have a more varied vocabulary than we knew.

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