Whoa — this trippy deleted scene would have featured an army of Cinderellas

The thing about classic Disney movies is that we’ve all seen them so many times, it’s hard to imagine anything about them changing, even in the slightest. But the truth is, as with any film, there are plenty of ideas and scenes that never make it into the final cut. Some of those ideas are just scribbled on scraps of paper, some are fully animated and ready to go.

We’re so used to the original theatrical cuts of these films though, that it’s hard to adjust to any additions. Just think about the first time you saw Beauty and the Beast with the “Human Again” sequence or when Zazu starts belting out “Morning Report” in the extended version of The Lion King. Sure, the songs might be perfectly fine, but it’s a big adjustment to see them plopped into the middle of one of your favorite movies.

Well, this deleted scene from Cinderella never made it quite that far, but it is fully storyboarded and the song is recorded (albeit maybe not by the voice we all know as Cinderella). And it’s on YouTube for all to see and hear and scratch their heads to.

Titled “The Cinderella Work Song,” this deleted scene features a song in which Cinderella is frantically trying to clean the house in time for the ball and wondering where she, just one, single human person, will ever find the time to finish all the chores she’s been given. The solution? A song about how great it would be if there were more of her and an animated sequence featuring a whole army of Cinderellas. 

For real. Check it out yourself because you kind of have to.

It’s a rough cut now, but who knows? Maybe for some future edition of the movie, Disney will bibbidi bobbidi boo it into full animated glory.

(Image via Disney.)