The devastating ‘Harry Potter’ character who was deleted from ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone’

It’s no secret that J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World is as complex as it gets. That would explain why, on the regular, us muggles continue to learn about this universe’s magical ways. (And boy do we love anything that involves discovery and wizardry.)

Here’s what we learned today: the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie almost featured an additional character, a character who would have completely changed our view of Mr. Harry Potter himself. This character may be small in size, but he would have easily altered any box-set of Potter DVDs.

When asked if he ever invented his own character, screenwriter Steve Kloves revealed, “Yes, I did. I did. Alastair. It was a spider in the closet, in the cupboard in the beginning, who he [Harry Potter] had befriended and talked to. My vision of the first movie was quite different in terms of how you first perceived him [Harry]. There was a spider in there and all these broken soldiers that he had filched from the rubbish bin of Dudley’s [bedroom]. And he had this broken army and he would talk to Alastair.”

Awww. Now that adds a whole ‘nother layer of sadness to Harry’s initial situation. It’s also quite adorable, in a Charlotte’s Web sense. But, really, could you imagine? A spider who keeps The Boy Who Lived company? A tiny creature who gives Harry a glimmer of hope? It’s definitely a spellbinding thought.

It also turns out that Alastair would have completely transformed the first movie. “When Hagrid arrived in the motorcycle you wondered if maybe Harry was mad, and was imagining being rescued,” Kloves said. “Then you found out it was real. That was my original vision of the movie.” So it seems that Alastair would have caused us viewers to question Harry’s sanity, to wonder if we were in the midst of a dream sequence. Then, we’d soon realize that this mystical part of his life is, in fact, real – which is where the real journey begins.

Honestly, we think this would have been a great beginning for one of our favorite movie series. Alastair would perfectly highlight how truly lonely Harry was in his cupboard under the stairs. This scenario would also provide a bit of suspense, causing moviegoers to ponder, “Is this real life?” Once this question is answered and we find out that we’re really being taken along for a ride on the Hogwarts Express, it would be a beautifully bewitching moment.

So… how do you think Alastair would have compared to Aragog? Either way, we have a feeling that Ron would not approve.

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