This deleted “Game of Thrones” scene of Olenna Tyrell and her son will break your heart

We’re still many months away from Game of Thrones’grand return, but there’s plenty to tide us over until then. In an exclusive clip from Entertainment Weekly, we get to see a brief, but impassioned, deleted scene with Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones Season 6.

And who doesn’t LOVE seeing more of Olenna “Queen of Sass” Tyrell?! No one, that’s who.

This deleted clip was originally set to appear in Season 6, Episode 2, “Home.” Olenna opens the scene, chiding her son Mace for being his usual dummy self. She points out that Cersei sent him to the Iron Bank of Braavos only to get him “out of the way,” so she could put his children/her grandchildren (Margaery and Loras) in jail.

One of the most striking things about this scene is seeing an emotional side of Mace Tyrell, because we’ve never really seen that before! Also, we’re heartbroken to see Olenna plot her family’s escape from King’s Landing so early on in Season 6 – especially knowing how things EVENTUALLY WENT DOWN. Sorry Margaery, Loras, and Mace…

However, we get why the scene was cut from the original episode.

Given that Game of Thrones episodes kept getting longer and longer last season, we’re sure it was hard for the showrunners to pack in EVERYTHING. And, while this deleted Olenna and Mace scene is interesting, it doesn’t necessarily drive the plot forward.

Plus, Season 6, Episode 2 had a SHIT TON of other stuff going on. You know, like…


This deleted Olenna and Mace scene appears on the Game of Thrones Season 6 Blu-Ray and DVD extras, which is due out on November 15. So get your gold dragons ready – we’re sure there will be many more amazing features in the release!

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