Praise be: You can finally delete an embarrassing Snapchat message immediately after sending it

Ever sent a Snapchat message you instantly regretted? If you’re a human person who uses the app, chances are the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” But now, you will finally be able to undo your embarrassing message because Snapchat has decided to listen to the masses who are tired of not being able to take back that message they probably shouldn’t have sent in the first place.

As Mashablereported, the brand new feature allows users to delete a message they’ve already sent in any conversation they’re having, including group chats, no matter who has read it. The message is gone permanently, and while the people you’re chatting with will get a notification that a message was deleted, if they haven’t read it yet, they won’t know what it said — unless, of course, someone in your group took a screenshot and passed it on, but that’s rude. Don’t be that person!

The new Snapchat message feature is super easy to use, too: All you have to do is hold down the message you want to get rid of and click “delete.” It’s seriously that simple.

And so far, it seems like the internet is quite pleased with this development.

There are so many situations where this would be useful — like if you’ve accidentally spoiled a movie or a TV show, or told a secret in a group chat that you weren’t supposed to talk about — and we wish taking back a comment were always this easy. How often have you blurted out something in a real-life, offline conversation that you wish you hadn’t? It would be amazing if there was a way to recall that, too, but for now, we’ll settle for that option being available on Snapchat.

Even though this feature is a huge blessing for those of us who tend to put our foot in our mouth, it’s still important to use Snapchat responsibly. The messages and photos might disappear, but the memories (and sometimes, unfortunately, the screenshots) last forever.

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