Why are people campaigning to #DeleteHQ Trivia? Here’s the reason

Oh, HQ Trivia. In case you are unaware, there is a live trivia phenomenon sweeping the nation. HQ Trivia is a live trivia app that everyone is completely obsessed with right now. The app launched in 2017 and has quickly gained steam. At this point, HQ Trivia is the highlight of our day, twice a day. Even if you never win (and most of us don’t), it’s exciting to potentially win a lot of money. (Or a little bit of money, depending on how may other HQties make it to the end.) But now, many people are campaigning to Delete HQ.

HQ is continually mixing up the game and announcing new rules and making us fall further and further in love with Scott Rogowsky, the charming trivia host. But, nothing good lasts forever. Recently, you may have noticed a lot of people calling for users to Delete HQ on Twitter. Why? Because of a reported investment from Peter Thiel, a big-time Donald Trump supporter.

HQ reportedly raised $15 million from Peter Thiel’s organization Founder Fund. And now, many people no longer want to support HQ knowing that the money they could potentially win might be coming from Thiel’s pocket.

People are campaigning to Delete HQ Trivia at rapid rates.

People are not pleased that the live trivia app is reportedly receiving very generous amounts of money from a guy like Thiel. Thiel is the same person who is behind the Gawker shut-down and the same person who praised Trump at the Republican National Convention. For many people, it feels wrong to take his money or support an app that would do so.



It should be noted that Founder Fund invests money in quite a few organizations, some much bigger than HQ.

It’s up to you if you decide to Delete HQ (or Lyft or Spotify), but it is important to know where that money potentially comes from. The more you know, the better. About everything.

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