You can finally delete default iPhone apps, it’s a whole new world

Just last week, we were pretty pumped about the ability to hide those pesky default apps from our iPhones. They just take up SO much space for something most of us barely ever use (there are 32 of them. THIRTY-TWO, GUYS). But there was one problem — although it’s a really simple method, it’s temporary, because the apps reappear when you restart your phone. However, if you’re *super* committed to getting rid of those apps once and for all, there’s a permanent way. It’s a little costly, and a little complex, but hey, go big or go home.

Reddit user bfodder has revealed a way to get rid of the apps, available for Apple developers. You may be thinking, but I’m definitely not an Apple developer — but read on, because if there’s a will, there’s a way. As long as you have a spare $112.63 (£79), that is.

1. Sign up for the iOS beta program.

2. Go to Settings –> General –> Software Update to download iOS 9.3 public beta.

3. Here’s where the $112.63 comes in. Sign up for the Apple Configurator 2.2 beta, which requires you to purchase an Apple developer membership.

4. This allows you to select an option that says “Do not allow some apps” and enter the commands for the apps you want to delete (the commands are listed here).

Voila! Apps are deleted. But if you don’t want to drop that money or go through the trouble, you can still go through the easier, free, and temporary method here. Hopefully, Apple will give us a method that’s easy, free, AND permanent soon.

(Image via Twitter.)

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