Here’s how to delete those annoying default apps from your iPhone

If you’re at all like me, you rail against certain default apps on your iPhone. In my case, it’s the stocks app. I have no money to invest, and every time I see that app I feel the need to delete it, only I can’t. It doesn’t allow me via regular channels. Now, thanks to YouTube user videosdebarraquito, I can delete Stocks and any other default apps I feel are cluttering my screen! Marie Kondo would be so proud of me!

For those of you who don’t want to watch the YouTube video, here are some step-by-step instructions:

1. Put the app in a folder. (I named mine “Muahahahaha,” but you can use something less maniacal.)

2. Open the folder, then press and hold the app you wish to delete until it shakes.

3. Drag the app over to the next page of the folder (this page will likely have no apps in it).

4. Move the app again to the third page. You’ll see three dots on the bottom alerting you to the fact that you are on the third page.

5. On the third page, while still holding on to the app (don’t let go!), drag it all the way to the right of the page. Still holding on to the app, with your other hand tap the home button.

6. The app will disappear! Now you can celebrate! Huzzah!

Note: you can still find the app by searching for it. Also, once you restart your phone, the apps will reappear. This isn’t a permanent solution. But it’s a neat fix!

Now if only videosdebarraquito could help me figure out how to wrangle my auto-correct…

(Image via YouTube.)

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