Drake’s “I’m Upset” video has unearthed so many new Degrassi fan theories, and we’re living like it’s 2005 right now

Whether it was “God’s Plan” all along or Drake needed a new gameplan, the beef between Pusha T and Drake took a very nostalgic turn late last night after the latter made a major detour. The rapper released the video for his new song “I’m Upset,” and it was a straight-up Degrassi reunion.

The video saw Drake — aka Jimmy Brooks — meet up with BFF Gavin “Spinner” Mason (Shane Kippel) and head back down the halls of Degrassi Community School for a reunion. And almost all of our favorite OG Degrassi: The Next Generation alums were there to party.

Craig Manning (Jake Epstein) rolled up with Paige Michalchuk (Lauren Collins), Marco Del Rossi (Adamo Ruggiero), and Ellie Nash (Stacey Farber), while BFFs Emma Nelson (Miriam McDonald) and Manny Santos (Cassie Steele) served as each other’s dates. Also in attendance were Liberty Van Zandt (Sarah Barrable-Tishauer), Toby Isaacs (Jake Goldsbie), Ashley Kerwin (Melissa McIntyre), Hazel Aden (Andrea Lewis), Terri MacGreggor (Christina Schmidt), Mia Jones (Nina Dobrev), and Connor Deslauriers (A.J. Saudin).

Degrassi super-fans and former guest stars Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith reprised their iconic roles as Jay and Silent Bob for the video, while noted Degrassi teachers and OG Degrassi High students Archie “Snake” Simpson (Stefan Brogren) and Mrs. Kwan (LinLyn Lue) “chaperoned” the reunion. Even Rick Murray (Ephraim Ellis), who SHOT Jimmy in Season 4, managed to score an invite — but it seems Jimmy is out for revenge.

Needless to say, this reunion sent a wave of nostalgia through the Degrassi community, prompting a *whole* lot of reminiscing — and establish the updated Degrassi canon.

*starts playing “Whatever It Takes”*

It appears the stars aligned, and Emma and Spinner are no more:


Guys, remember when Emma and Spinner shocked the world by getting married? Everyone knows Sean and Emma were endgame!

This theory suggests that in Drake’s Degrassi canon, J.T. Yorke is still dead:

But in Drake’s Degrassi canon, Jimmy is no longer in a wheelchair and Rick is still alive so Jimmy can get his revenge.

Drake did that and straight-up revived Terri MacGreggor from her coma:

In the most J.T. move on the planet, it appears Ryan Cooley thought the whole thing was a scam:


Someone had a theory about why Sean Cameron (Daniel Clark) was missing from the video:


Goldsbie shared how is reflection on Degrassi has matured:

The official Twitter account for the Degrassi writers posed an important question:

A true riddle!

In short:


Not gonna lie, this is 100% making us want to go back and have a *full* Degrassi: The Next Generation marathon.