This Pikachu deflated while dancing to “Hairspray,” and it’s as entertaining as it sounds

If what your weekend needs right now is a video of a bunch of Pikachus dancing in perfectly Pikachu form, we’ve got you. It’s as entertaining as it sounds, and gets hilariously more entertaining when one Pikachu in the front starts deflating in the middle of a Hairspray song… and we cannot stop laughing.

The assembly of over a dozen dancing Pikachus performed at the annual Pokémon World Festival in Songdo, South Korea, and they rocked their version of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” But things went horribly awry during Hairspray‘s “Can’t Stop the Beat,” when one Pikachu began deflating on stage, leading to a brief moment of mass chaos.

The other Pikachus seemingly watch in horror before attempting to continue their dance routine while their pal is rushed off the stage… by no shortage of four panicked staff members. He was quickly grabbed and removed from the stage, and the other Pikas carried on.

Ever so resilient, though, the deflated Pikachu did attempt to make a triumphant comeback, but was quickly ushered off the stage again, just at the end of the song. A truly sad ending to an adorable fail, indeed.

Of course, Twitter understandably went wild upon seeing this video, because nothing brings people together more than a deflating Pokémon.

The good news? It seems even a deflating Pikachu can’t stop the beat. We’re forever thankful for the unintentional LOLs this video has given us today.