A Definitive Ranking of Creepy Mascots

McDonald’s new mascot, Happy, is making more than a few people uncomfortable. From his mouth full of teeth to his giant eyes, the fast food creature isn’t exactly cuddly. He joins a group of mascots — designed to be endearing to their young costumers — who just come off a tad creepy. Here are the top seven eerily uncanny characters in food mascot history.

7. Snap, Crackle and Pop.

Barely alarming, inviting even. The hats are cute. Maybe it’s the whispering cereal they represent that could set you a little on edge.

6. Chuck E. Cheese

The ultimate question as a kid: Is getting those tickets worth running into the giant mouse-man himself? Of course, the answer was always “yes.”

5. The Pillsbury Dough Boy

This is actually all on the unnamed hand, not the relatively cute Dough Boy himself. Stop poking him man, Personal space.

4. Burger King’s King

He could be really angry under that mask, or sad….we’ll never know. And there’s always a little fear of the unknown.

3. Sonny the Cuckoo Bird

A mascot that seriously needs to take up yoga. Chill out, Sonny. Take some deep breaths.

2. Trix Rabbit

A mascot that understands the importance of scarcity, this bunny will sneak up and take your breakfast if you don’t watch out. The message to kids is clear: always be on alert.

1. McDonald’s Happy

The eyes seem to say, “Eat your apple slices kids. Or else.”