Defend the Trend: Ombré

If you missed the boat the first time, you’re in luck because the ombré trend is back (with much more sass). I’m the girl who experimented with every horrible hair color in high school, which eventually left me with the most damaged hair ever. You can imagine my reluctance to do anything crazy with my hair. It’s been the same for a long time; chocolate brown. My sister (who works as a hair stylist) is always on my case about doing something fun and when she discovered a few strands of grey in my hair – I obliged (OMG I HAVE GREY HAIR). I wish I had something better to show you but here is the only picture I have:

After strolling around with my new and oh-so-trendy hair, I started noticing that everyone around me was also sporting a form of ombré as well. I lay in bed that night wondering if I’d become a slave to trends and that people would think I was a bandwagon-jumper (I quickly dismissed the thought because it was just plain silly).

Aside from the typical style of ombré (hair lightening gradually), there is so much rainbow ombré happening that looks super bold and so fun.

Now that is just too bold for me, however, the last time I was at a salon I was introduced to a product called Color Bug. It is essentially chalk that you brush into your hair. The stylist showed me how it worked and for an evening, I looked like a rockstar with pink ombré hair. The downside to this was the fact that I had more chalk on my shoulders than in my hair at the end of the night.

Hair isn’t the only place that ombré is having a moment. Check out these other interesting ideas for graduating colours from light to dark (or vice versa).


Umm.. this is just the prettiest thing to look at and I think it is one of the most creative ideas. Having an ombré cake for a wedding (as an example) is a great way to take the pressure off getting the color scheme to match/making it too match-y. One of the most overrated concepts is keeping colors the exact same; I like a little imperfection. It is also a style that is non-traditional and adds even more to the cake. The presentation is awesome, but it’s the gradual darkening of the colors that makes you really admire and appreciate the hard work that must have gone into making a cake like this.


If you are looking for nail inspiration, look no further than the Nails of the Day section of the site. There are so many incredibly talented people mastering nail art – it is insane. A nail art trend that I’ve been seeing is ombré. Some stick to one finger while others use all five fingers (thumb is the lightest and pinky is the darkest). It looks like it takes a lot of patience to master this form of nail art – if you try it, I would love to see your photos!

Ombré on the Runway:

Image via Trend Fashion Style

Also known as “dip-dyed”, this trend is all over the runway for Spring. It is a very bold look to wear but with all the fun colors, I think it’s well worth it. If you aren’t into the color, I’ve seen the chambray shirt dip-dyed as well – plus there are awesome DIY tutorials to help you create the look at home!

Is ombré passé? Talk to me in the comments!


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