Defend the Trend: Nautical

While studying in New York, I made many friends who whisked me away for weekends in Montauk (this is how I fell in love with the quaint county – subsequently naming my blog after it). The crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the pop-up shops on Main Street and the Montauk Point lighthouse contribute to making this place magical. It’s customary for me to play dress-up when visiting a new place; thus sporting the nautical trend when hanging by the coast.

Wait, you don’t live near the water? Me neither. I live and work in the city and sometimes hesitate to take my coastal mentality and translate it into an outfit – but what is a wardrobe if not to express yourself?

Here are the staple pieces you need to achieve a nautical look:

1. Blue, Red and White

These colours are most associated with boating because they are distinct colours and are used to signal from ship to shore. In addition to their communications use, nautical flags are used to dress up ships for special occasions. Naturally, these colours have been adapted to dress.

2. Stripes

The stripe trend is derived from French sailors in the nineteenth century. The French Navy’s standard made it so that all sailors wore stripes at sea because it was easier to spot those who fell overboard. The look has evolved and become a staple because of its simple design – one that can be complimented with bold pieces.

3. Silk Scarves/Hats

Sailing is like riding in the backseat of a convertible; if your hair is left to blow – you will have many knots (nautical pun) when you return to shore. Audrey Hepburn and Bridget Bardot were ladies who loved hats and scarves as hair accessories. Hats and scarves serve as a stylish addition to your outfit but have a meaningful purpose as well.

4. Boat Shoes

With rubber soles and canvas or leather uppers, these shoes are susceptible to water while looking stylish. Boat shoes are incredibly comfortable and practical. Modern boat shoes were invented in 1935 by Paul Sperry after he discovered his dog’s ability to run easily over water without slipping.

5. Anchors & Ropes

Anchors and ropes are the quintessence of sailing, which is why they have been tailored to clothing aesthetic. Once summertime arrives, so does the omnipresence of anchors. Tee-shirts, bracelets, necklaces, socks and belts are all adorned with the mainstay. Rope knotted bracelets and belts inspired by sailors have also become a fashion staple for those hanging by the coast.

There are so many ways to interpret this look but all manage to look classy. Like I said, I sometimes have a hard time leaving the house in the morning in boat shoes and a rope belt; I’ve had people continuously ask me where my yacht was parked. In fashion, however, you have to appreciate the art of dressing up and I think I am learning to feel comfortable in whatever it is that I choose to wear.

Are you into this style? Have I missed any key pieces to this look? Let me know!

P.S. I have a Pinterest board with Montauk inspiration, check it out here.

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