Is This Real Life: Deer delivers powdered doughnut on his antler

Let the Internet collectively say, “WTH” I don’t know if this is a hoax, viral marketing, or perhaps we are all being trolled by the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson but this is a video and it is on Youtube so I’ll provide, and you can decide. Uploaded a couple of days ago, this completely bizarre video shows buck slowly crossing a stream towards a fisherman with a powdered doughnut on his antler. There is a little NSFW language, which I think is justifiable when something like this happens, but mostly this is a deer with a powdered doughnut on his antler!
Even without the doughnut it would be strange for a deer to get this close on its own, the fact there is a tiny cake on its antler is peculiar and a little sad.

Not sure who Mr. Herzog is, I’m just going to assume it’s Werner.

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