A deer broke into a gym and the footage is absolutely insane

With only a couple of weeks left in the year, we’re already anticipating a flurry of fitness-minded folks itching to get in the best shape of their lives (again). But it looks like they have some four-legged competition, guys: This deer that broke into a Gold’s Gym in Anderson, South Carolina couldn’t wait for January to get its work out on.

Unlike that sweet buck that kissed a guy’s camera, this enthusiastic deer had no time for niceties. We’re sure the gym patrons and employees would’ve been less freaked out if the deer flashed one of those cute animal smiles first, instead of rudely barreling through the place like an exercise-deprived maniac.

Then again, if you’ve tried and failed to find an available treadmill in the gym at the beginning of the year, you can certainly relate to this deer on a spiritual level. Like, who has time to stop and greet humans when there is an uninterrupted workout waiting on you?

According to Uproxx, no humans were harmed when the deer break-in went down on Friday, but based on the gym video footage, the animal left a few patrons and employees understandably frazzled.

Except these guys, who tried to chase the deer down but were no match for its speed and agility:

Courage is admirable, but this guy had the right idea:

Moral of the story here is a deer that hasn’t had its fitness fix is infintely worse than any of those annoying people at the gym.