30 thoughts I had while rewatching ‘Spice World’

Are you aware that on this day in 1998 cinema’s greatest girl band-inspired movie was born? Well it was, because on this day in 1998 Spice World had its global release. Let January 23 be forever etched in our Spice hearts and in our Spice minds.

It was 1994 when the magic truly began. That’s when the Spice Girls first hit the scene, touting their eye-catching outfits and contagiously optimistic promise of “girl power.” Their first album became the best-selling album by a female group in the history of music. And their cultural impact has been compared to that of the Beatles, and for good reason. They were in your face and unapologetic about it — equal parts sweet and sassy, tough and open.

The release of Spice World coincided with the release of their second album. Despite being critically panned (sigh), the movie was a HUGE success at the box office and is a 100% cult and fan classic. As someone who grew up with the Spice Girls, I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve watched this movie. Any reason is a good reason to rewatch the classic but with the anniversary upon us I had even more reason to tune into my favorite gals. Here are just a few things I thought during my fresher than fresh repeat viewing.

1. It’s a good thing no one is around to notice the fact that I know all the words to these songs.

2. If we’re being honest, I wanted to be a Ginger Spice, but in reality I was likely more of a Sporty Spice but told everyone my favorite was Baby.

3. Can we just declare that the Ginger hairstyle should make a comeback? Red hair with blonde streaks 4 life, yo.

4. SO MANY celebrity cameos in this movie! Alan Cumming, Elton John, Roger Moore, Hugh Laurie, and Stephen Fry(!), Dominic Cooper. And Meat Loaf as the driver of their bus? Clearly he would do THIS for love.

5. Can I put in a request for my very own Spice Bus? It’s equipped with everything I could ever need.

6. I remember when I wanted to wear platform shoes so badly and had to settle for Skechers with a bit of a heel. 

7. Do you think Posh wore heels even when she was sleeping in bed at night?

8. The Spice Girls take charge of their own musical performance when it comes to dressing their male backup dancers. If that’s not female agency, I don’t know what is.

9. I would say that I’m jealous of Nicola in this movie, but that’s only because I want to be BFFs with the Spice Girls sans the baby on board.

10. Watching all of the musical numbers in this makes me mourn the fact that I never got to see these ladies live in concert.

11. I am also NOT ashamed about spending hours learning all the moves to the dance routines in this film.

12. But raise your hand if you attempted to do a Mel C karate kick at least once in your lifetime.

13. It’s possible that nothing in my life will ever top the fashion shoot scene in this movie. The best part is trying to spot all the characters they’re playing — and then they play each other! I can’t get enough.

14. The ladies have some real scenes in this movie about the downsides of skyrocketing to fame and whether or not they’ve allowed stardom to change them. It definitely makes you think about how crazy their lives likely were.

15. It’s kind of awesome when you think about the fact that five out of five Spice Girls are mommies now. It’s too bad Geri never named her kids Brucey and Demi, though.

16. Of course the aliens coming down to our planet would know who the Spice Girls are. 

17. I’d attend a Spice dance camp. It actually seems like a really good form of cardio (but only if you go through the obstacle course — I’m looking at you, Victoria).

18. You have to admire this paparazzi guy’s perseverance in climbing out of the toilet. I don’t think anyone’s even tried that hard for a picture of a Kardashian.

19. Is it possible to covet every single outfit the Spice Girls wear in this movie? Because I’m guilty.

20. I would watch the heck out of a Spice Force Five television series. Remind me again why this hasn’t been made into a thing yet?

21. Roger Moore continues to hold stranger and stranger animals as this movie continues. 

22. Mel B’s laugh is one of the best sounds in existence.

23. Pregnant Nicola in a club! No wonder she goes into labor, that pulsing bassline is ridic.

24. “What do you do in an emergency? Call my mom!” Me too, Baby Spice. Me too.

25. The Girls are willing to skip their live show to be there when a friend is giving birth. I think it’s safe to say they’ve got their priorities straight.

26. There’s a moment when the Girls chase down their harassing reporter on foot. That’s the definition of taking back the power.

27. Posh’s road rage is enough to make me hope to never cross her as a driver.

28. The miniature Spice Bus jumping the gap is everything. “Hold onto your knickers, girls!”

29. And in an explosion of glitter, we’re all gladly reminded that we need the colors of the world to spice up our lives.

30. One of my favorite things about this movie is that it is a total, unapologetic portrayal of girl power and female friendship. Spice Girls, Viva Forever and I miss you every day.

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