Yes, you can have deep fried Starbucks. No, we are not joking.

Why have a coffee with your doughnut, when you could have coffee IN your doughnut? Oh food gods, you spoil us. This summer, you can score some deep fried Starbucks at your local summer fair. And yes, you read that right: DEEP. FRIED. STARBUCKS. Foodbeast reports the San Diego Fair will be one of the first fine fair establishments to serve balls of doughy, delectable, sweet grounds of Starbucks coffee for the feasting (along with a decadent dollop of whipped cream, of course). Take. Us. There.

The lucky Foodbeast writer discovered this new sweet treat at the Bacon-A-Fair booth —and he documented his delicious journey on Instagram. In the video, you can see Rudy holding the mini Starbucks cup and slowly biting into the sugary morsel of fried coffee (it looks like a doughnut hole) in 100%, unmitigated joy. Right now, we’re feeling major snack envy.

Check out this newest fried food hybrid right here:

(Images via Foodbeast)