This deep-fried McDonald’s double cheeseburger kind of just blew our minds

The McDonald’s double cheeseburger is already kind of intense as far as fast food meals go. It’s a lot of meat, a lot of cheese, a lot of bread, a lot of Mac Sauce, basically a lot of all the things that require a three and a half hour food nap to recover from.

So imagine all the craziness of the Mickey D’s double cheese, but deep(wait for it) FRIED. That’s an ALL DAY food nap if ever we heard of one.

The deep-fried McDonald’s double-cheeseburger is, crazily enough, a thing that now exists IRL. No, McDonald’s isn’t pedaling this fried insanity (yet), but, as FoodBeast reports, food blogger Jeremy of Peep My Eats gave the fast food restaurant’s double cheeseburger an egg bath, coated the sucker in panko bread crumbs, stuck it in the deep fryer, and behold: Deep-Fried McDonalds MADNESS!

Not only does Peep My Eats give us photographic evidence of the deed, the blogger also posted a recipe for the brave of heart and strong of stomach. 

Fresh out of the deep-fryer (and drizzled with Mac sauce, natch and natch):

Sliced open to reveal all the burger-y goodness within:

Follow Peep My Eats here, and the blogger/chef’s Instagram Peep My Sneaks here. We can’t wait to see what this mad foodie scientist comes up with next!

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