You Can Decorate Hogwarts’ Christmas Tree in This Virtual Harry Potter Experience

The "Deck the Great Hall" experience is available now through December 31st.

From now until December 31st, Harry Potter fans can partake in a virtual tree-decorating ceremony inside the Great Hall of Hogwarts. In a brand new experience from the Wizarding World portal, guests can show off their swish and flick skills when decorating their house tree. And while you’re in the Great Hall, you can send your pals a floating candle with a message of good tidings.

The “Deck the Great Hall” Christmas spectacle is available to visit at, and is best used with headphones. “Celebrate Christmas in the Wizarding World by sharing a message with an enchanted candle and decorating our Christmas tree,” the site reads before prompting you to enter the Great Hall.

You can then choose to either cast a magical message or decorate the tree.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter tree

To decorate, first choose your Hogwarts house (which, if you don’t already know your house, it can be found by participating in the Sorting Hat ceremony when you sign up for a Wizarding World membership). Then, you’ll be asked to perform the Locomotor spell to place baubles in your house colors on the tree.

Of course, while you decorate, you’ll be treated to some whimsical music that will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit.

Then, to leave a message on a floating candle, the site will guide you through posting—you can either address it to a special loved one or to everyone who visits the site. After taking part in both the tree decorating and the candle messaging, you can share your magical creations on social media. You can also download the Great Hall Christmas tree if you’d like to set it as your desktop background (which we definitely just did).

As two wise wizards once said, “Happy Christmas, Harry.” “Happy Christmas, Ron.”

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