How to Decorate Your Home Like a Fancy Cat Lady

Interior decorating is finally catching up with our cat lady needs. Forget those gross carpeted cat towers and plastic dome-shaped litter boxes. Things are getting sleeker, and a little more IKEA-esque in the world of cat furniture. Granted, some of this cat-related decor is pretty pricey, but it may inspire your next DIY project, or at least distract you from cleaning the litter box.

1. Cat Console by Modernist Cat, $499

With rich walnut hardwood, clean lines and a minimalist’s sensibility, Seattle artist Crystal Gregory crafts mid-century modern-inspired furniture with your pet in mind. Scratching boards, litter boxes (and its content) sure are eyesores, so Crystal took it upon herself to create a line of furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and pet-friendly. This clever console attaches to the wall and has several color options for the replaceable scratching pads (bark, teal, tangerine, bone, and kiwi).

2. Handcrafted Hardwood Cat Shelves by Kitty Overlords, $356

Encourage your feline’s instinct to climb and perch with these handcrafted shelves by Kitty Overlords. A set of five Oregon black walnut shelves are finished in tung oil, creating warm, beautiful wood variations. The sturdy shelves are 8.5 inches deep, attach with screws to the wall, and can even support chubbier cats. This shelving system is perfect for those who are lacking in square footage and want to create a vertical playground for their furry friends.

3. Cat Stairs by The Vertical Cat, $71-$148 

Much like Kitty Overlord’s Cat Shelves, the Cat Stairs encourage vertical play for your kitties. Customize your cat staircase with the number of steps (three to six) and finishes (oak to Vermont maple). The stairs can be anchored to the wall and support up to 50 pounds of cat weight.

4. Cat Nap Cocoon by VaivaNat, $53-$86

Lithuanian crafter Vaiva Nat uses wet-felting and needle-felting techniques to create these cozy sleeping sacks for cats. A variety of colors and sizes make these soft, wooly hideouts customizable to match your home décor and fit your cat.

5. Cat Capsule by Christian Ghion, price unlisted

With the contemporary cat in mind, French designer Christian Ghion has created a futuristic-looking cat bed. Sleek, elegant, and groovy, not every cat (and cat owner) can pull off this bed. It’s for the tres chic.

6. Cat on mid-century Chair 2 print by olivedear, $35

Australian artist and Etsy seller olivedear creates prints of cats and dogs lounging on hip mid-century chairs. This artist’s black cat perches and poises on chairs from Baughman to Eames.

7. Pop Art Cat Coasters by Whims and Grimm Trading Co., $14.95

Use these sassy kitten coasters at your next shindig. They’re bound to make your house guests smile with their vintage flair and cute cuddly faces. It’s a good time to be a cat lady, isn’t it?

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