People are recreating famous hairstyles from each decade, and they have us reaching for the butterfly clips

During quarantine, TikTok has become our creative space. We’ll always be fans of the OG dance challenges on TikTok, and the recent wedding dress challenge gets us in our feels like nothing else, but our latest TikTok obsession? Hair transformations. TikTok users are experimenting with hairstyles throughout the decades, and they have us feeling nostalgic.

So, what is the Decades of Hair Challenge on TikTok?

In an ode to hairstyles throughout history, TikTok users are throwing it way back to 1910 and channeling the hair trends from each decade up to 2020. Women are rocking big curls for the roaring ’20s, Lucy Ricardo-esque updos for the ’50s, braids for the ’70s, and Lizzie McGuire clips for the early ’00s. In their TikTok videos, people record themselves either executing a specific hairdo (at a sped-up pace) or seamlessly transitioning between the different styles.

People are getting so creative during quarantine, and we’re wondering how they’re finding all of these retro accessories in their homes. It might be time for us to dive into our mom’s closet and see what we can dig up ourselves.

Watch the above video for a compilation of some of the best Decades of Hair Challenge TikToks. Below, we dive into some of our favorites.

One TikTok user went the extra mile for the Decades of Hair Challenge by choosing a popular song from each decade to sing along to while she revealed each hairstyle. She also had a different pair of sunglasses for each decade, and she completed the iconic styles with hair accessories and tops fitting for the trends of the time. Now that’s dedication. But best of all, this TikTok user ended the video with the perfect way to capture the hairstyle trend of 2020: chopping off your locks in quarantine.

One hairstylist and makeup artist had a leg up because she’s a professional. Her all-around beauty looks for each decade were impeccably done. We’d love to know how she made her hair stay up so high in the 1950s hairstyle. Plus, the hot pink eyeshadow and lipstick for the ’80s? Perfection.

Some TikTok users are even doing full hair tutorials for their Decades of Hair challenge. This girl began with wet hair, and walked viewers through the process of doing a ’90s twist hairstyle, complete with butterfly hair clips. We’re getting major Lizzie McGuire vibes.

We love seeing the different hairstyles people are associating with each decade, and how creative they’re getting during quarantine. Keep the Decades of Hair Challenge TikTok videos coming!

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