Debra Messing and Mariska Hargitay fangirled out over Barbra Streisand together because girl power

Debra Messing. Mariska Hargitay. Barbra Streisand. There aren’t many other lineups of three women more fabulous and devoted to girl power than these ladies, and we can only imagine what their powers combined could accomplish. Well, this past weekend, they were all together in one place, and we’re surprised the place didn’t explode with the sheer energy of these awesome women.

Debra Messing and Mariska Hargitay watched Barbra Streisand perform together in NYC, and the girl power is almost too much to handle.

Barbra was performing as a part of the “LGBT for Hillary” dinner and fundraiser, so of course, the audience was filled with fabulous stars with a passion for politics and LGBT rights. Laverne Cox was one of the primary speakers at the event, and Barbra brought down the house with her incredible voice.

Debra shared this incredible video of Barbra singing, and it’s magical.

Barbra’s voice is still as hypnotic and powerful as ever, and we love to see a fabulous lady like her supporting a cause she believes in. It’s even more fun that another woman we heart loves Barbra so much that she totally fangirls out a little while watching her sing.

It’s awesome to see powerful women supporting each other, but we also love to see how real their friendship is.

We know that we’ve all totally taken a selfie just like this while out to dinner with our girls, and these ladies look like they’re having a blast out on the town.

They also kept it fabulous during the day, hanging out at the US Open.

Clearly, Mariska and Debra know the true meaning of being a BFF!

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