Debra Messing is going to give Tituss Burgess the NewFest Voice & Visibility Award, and we love them both SO MUCH

If you grew up OBSESSED with Will and Grace, and fell madly in love with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s Titus Andromedon, get ready to freak TF out, because those worlds are colliding in a *beautifiul* way. According to On Top Magazine, actor Tituss Burgess (who, of course, plays Titus!), will receiving an award at NewFest, New York’s annual LGBT film festival, and he’s going to be honored by Debra Messing, aka Grace.

Tituss Burgess will be receiving the Voice & Visibility Award on the festival’s opening night, and we’re crying over here.



“It's an honor to be the first recipient of this award, Burgess said. “What a lovely reminder to us all that being yourself gives others permission to stand proudly in their own individuality.

Like, Titus is hilarious and all, but he’s also just such an incredible guy. From calling out homophobia in his everyday life to his incredible tribute to the victims at Orlando’s Pulse shooting where he sang “Somewhere” and made literally everyone cry, he’s actually the *best* sort of person. We’re so proud of him!

As the NewFest Executive Director Robert Kushner said, according to On Top Magazine,

“NewFest is all about LGBT storytelling, and as an immensely talented actor of both stage and screen, Tituss presents his characters and his own stories with insight, strength and heart – echoing the power and passion of the LGBT community.

Ugh, yes, praise.