Debby Ryan just dyed her hair rose gold and now we love this trend even more

We are in love. Debby Ryan just dyed her hair rose gold, reported Teen Vogue, and now we love this trend even more. Back in April, we talked about the rose gold trend hitting the hair waves (no pun intended), and it seemed to become a hit, and is still a hit. And why not, right? It’s the perfect blend of reddish-pink mixed with golden hues.

Aside from Ryan’s latest look, other famous faces have tried rose gold hair at some point, too, like Emma Roberts and Sienna Miller.

Stylist Kristen Ess posted the photo of Ryan and her new hair on Instagram.

Beau-ti-fulllll, right? Playful, yet subtle.

And here’s a pic Ryan posted today, too.

Yup, she’s definitely giving us #hairgoals.

Of course, non-celebs continue to get in on the rose gold trend, too. And the best part? You don’t have to have light hair to begin with — it’ll still work with your hair. After all, if you really think about it, no two shades of rose gold are exactly the same, which makes it unique.

Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure.

And see? It works for long and/or dark hair, too.

For a varied rose gold look, you can also do some of your hair rose gold if not all.

Like we said, there’s no wrong way to go rose gold.

Inspired yet? We are. (Thank you, Debby Ryan!) We’d better add rose gold hair to our Christmas list.