Debate-favorite Ken Bone posts a picture of him in his olive suit, and he looks like a new man

It’s been days since the last debate, and people are still buzzing about Ken Bone, the undecided voter who amazed the world with his IZOD red sweater and energy concerns. Bone, thankfully, has an amazing sense of humor — and he’s using his 15 minutes of fame in all the right ways.

For one, he’s embracing his newfound audience. His Twitter, which has been officially verified as “@kenbone18“, has posted both comical pictures, and important messages about voting in this upcoming election.

But, one of his best recent photos has been the one of him in his olive suit. Now, you might have heard the story before — Ken Bone was originally going to dress in his favorite suit for the debate, but the pants split at the last moment, causing his red sweater to be “Plan B” — and, that sweater (which is now sold out in stores) helped launch him into the public eye.

No word on whether or not the pants have been fixed, but — here was the look he was going for.

Looking sharp, Ken! (But we’re glad you grew the mustache — it fits your looks.)

That said, it seems like he’s been wearing his red sweater a lot for branding. I mean, it’s definitely the key component for a Ken Bone costume. Without that sweater, he’s just the average undecided voter!

If not the red sweater or the olive suit? Maybe the official Ken Bone t-shirt.

Seriously. This guy is just incredible. (And that shirt is totally worth buying.)

Keep rocking the vote, Ken!

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