Now THIS is how you win a debate about nap time

Ah, nap time. What I wouldn’t give to just curl up for a few winks right now. But when you’re a toddler, the opposite is true—you dread nap time! Because there are so many toys to play with and surfaces to scoot on and shoes to take off. When you have all the energy in the world, napping is out of the question.

That’s certainly Cassidy’s stance on the issue. The adorable toddler just isn’t feeling this nap, and his mom captured and shared his silent protest on YouTube. It’s a wordless exchange, but there’s plenty of gesturing.

So much gesturing, in fact, we’re certain he has a bright future as an interpretive dancer. These moves almost rival Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ moves. There’s the “Who, me?” and the “Nap? On this bed?” and the “Why now, though?” and my personal favorite, the “What is nap time even a thing though?”

If it wasn’t for Cassidy’s pink binky, we think he would ask, How can you possibly expect me to nap at a time like this?!

Eventually he gives in, but he doesn’t go down without a fight. Hold on to nap time while you can, Cassidy! You don’t realize it now, but in about 20 years, you’ll be wishing those covers were at the ready.

Featured image via YouTube


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