Dear World, The Jonas Brothers Are Back!

YOU GUYS. Yesterday was the day I (we, obviously) have been waiting for since roughly late 2010, the beginning of the Jonas Brothers’ re-entry into pop culture and, subsequently, all of our teen heartthrob-loving lives. Early Tuesday morning, the trio visited the man with the Midas touch when it comes to Hollywood, Ryan Seacrest, to officially release their new song ‘Pom Poms’. Fans everywhere have been counting down the days until the new single’s release, dedicating their nail art to the return of the brothers and watching the multiple teasers they have released. To top it all off, the video was…wait for it…LEAKED Sunday afternoon! Much to the dismay of the Jonas clan, but to the delight of millions of ladies waiting in the wings, the world got an early viewing of what we can expect from their venture into non-Disney work. Now, being only slightly famous (my mom says 236 followers on Twitter is a lot), I have never had anyone leak any sought after information about me, but we all know this is clearly the mark of a serious comeback. Don’t take my word for it, though. Let’s all take a listen and relish in this momentous event together. Ladies and gentlemen, THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE BACK.

Did the cheerleaders in booty shorts throw you off? I get it; the marching band, gospel choir, dancing tiger mascot, Flashdance-like girls on cars and kid drinking the milkshake didn’t do much to further our knowledge on what it means to “put your pom poms down for me,” but it absolutely has the power to make us happy that the boy band of brothers that we loved for most of our teens or early 20s are back. I must admit, I didn’t watch it once or twice, but three times – because if there are two things the video isn’t lacking, it is crazy pop rock fun and Jo Bro face time; they officially look just as good in sunglasses and leather bombers as they did when we bid them farewell during the finale of Jonas L.A. (don’t even bother to act like you didn’t watch it.)

Upon first run through, you might be confused, slightly overwhelmed even, with the crazy coupling of demographics on your screen. However, I challenge you to watch it again. It is during the second or third viewing, or perhaps when you happen upon the scene where Nick Jonas challenges the scantily clad cheerleaders to a dance-off, that you realize you are laughing, smiling and bobbing your head/shaking your hips in your seat (you’re doing it right now!). The Jonas Brothers have simply modernized what they made their name on: cute boys singing upbeat, lighthearted songs that make you dance around the room like a fool while swooning over them; it is like the Jo Bro version of the Harlem Shake and who didn’t need that combination in their life? Plus, media outlets are already saying that the video, which they expect to sweep the nation, represents the type of feel good tune that made everyone fall in love with these three in the first place. Reviews like that can only mean one thing ladies and gents: there will, once again, be a great deal of opportunity for our boy-band-loving hearts to get their pop culture obsession on as the brothers prepare to release a heavily hyped fifth studio album.

Kevin, Joe and Nick you have regained your place in the pop culture spotlight and I think I speak for us all when I say we are ready for you to, once again, grace the covers of our magazines, take over the talk show circuit, force us to wonder who you are dating and, of course, fill our iPods with pop rock that makes us sing too loudly in the car. Sure, we have seen you intermittently over the past few years, with impressive stints on Broadway, tries at solo careers (i’ll admit I saw 1/3 of the Jonas clan on tour at the House of Blues) and E! reality shows, but what we have really been waiting for is the reunion; Pom Poms is just the type of Jo Bros style pop rock we have been missing. The truth is, each of us has always had a special place for the brotherly boy-band-that-was in our teeny-bopper hearts and you have never been replaced.

Regardless of the fact that we still may not know what it means, let’s all go ahead and put our pom poms down, collectively giving a warm “welcome back” to The Jonas Brothers!

Feature Image via The Jonas Brothers

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