The trailer for Dear White People Season 2 is here, and the quips are so good even Shonda Rhimes will bow down

One of the best surprises of the last TV season was when Netflix’s adaptation of the 2014 film Dear White People actually ended up being *better* than the original movie upon which it was based. That’s pretty unheard of in pop culture, tbh.

Since the film was met with high critical acclaim when it premiered, the thought of tarnishing its stellar image with a 10-episode satirical comedy/drama just sounded…wholly unnecessary, and risky. But then the Netflix series dived deeper into the issues that the movie introduced, and the characters were all-around more fleshed out and humanized, flaws and all, to the point where 10 episodes just weren’t enough. But thankfully, Netflix is here to give us all what we want — namely, more episodes of the culturally relevant and deeply important Dear White People.

The trailer for Season 2 just hit the interwebs, and immediately the new footage reminded us all why we fell in love with this smart and poignant TV show about black students at a predominantly white Ivy League university proving that we don’t live in post-racial society. All your favorites are back, from film major Sam (Logan Browning), who finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into the murky waters of internet trolls, to Sam’s frenemy Coco (Antoinette Robertson) and ex Troy (Brandon Bell), as well as her white ex Gabe (John Patrick Amedori), who finds himself in multiple awkward encounters after their toxic break-up last season, to Reggie (Marque Richardson) rocking some amazing new looks, to sweet and soft-spoken Lionel (DeRon Horton), who actually looks like he’s going to get some much-deserved loving this season!

But honestly, the character we’re most dying to see again is Sam’s BFF Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson), a character who didn’t get as much of the spotlight in the first season as she deserved. The hilarious, quick and confident woman may have played sidekick to Sam in the first installment of Dear White People, but Season 2 finally gives her the chance to shine. You get a small taste of what’s to come for Joelle at the very end of the trailer, when she trades quips back and forth so fast that even Shonda Rhimes would bow down. Because you know how Rhimes respects a good back-and-forth!

Check out the new trailer below now:

Mark your calendars now: Dear White People Season 2 hits Netflix on May 4th.

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