We’ve already found the best television episode of the year — Dear White People’s “Chapter VIII”

It seems like with all the television out there today, the episodes hailed as the “best” are the ones that include a ton of special effects, crazy stunts, too many characters packed into one scene, and also some life-or-death cliffhanger. Sure, those episodes are always fine because they’ve got a crazy wow-factor like whoa, honestly, those aren’t the best episodes out there. Save your explosions for another day, and instead give me incredible character development and something that leaves my hurt hurting in the end.

Season 2 of Netflix’s Dear White People is now streaming, and towards the end of the standout second season, we’re presented with nothing short of a stellar 32-minutes of television. There are no special effects, or crazy stunts, and literally only two characters (okay, three if you count Joelle), and it’s nothing more than a conversation between two people. Tensions are rising at the (fictional) Winchester University, and Gabe (John Patrick Amedori) is in the process of making a documentary. Though he and Sam (Logan Browning) broke up at the end of Season 1, they’re still on somewhat cordial terms — and Gabe finally gets Sam to sit down so he can film her.

What follows is a back and forth discussion between the two of them, as their past (and present) feelings for one another start to boil over. But, that’s not all, as as the two also dive into the ongoing racial tensions on campus and Sam’s relationship with her family, all which Gabe uses to coax more feelings out of her.

It’s literally nothing more than a bottle episode, but considering that the emotional tensions are so high, it feels like an action-packed, life-or-death half hour of television. And that’s what makes it outstanding. So while we might only be five months into this year, we’ve already got a clear frontrunner for the one of the best episodes of television we’re going to see in 2018.

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