Dear Everyone: Here’s the Best Summer Stationery

Fellow paper-lovers will know what I’m talking about when I say one of the best times of the year is the National Stationery Show, when all things new and papery are debuted and celebrated. Just check out #NSS2014 on Instagram to see a taste of the festivities, which took place last month. Oh, the new colors and calendars and stationery! It’s a joy and a sign that summer letter-writing season is upon us. It a time for travel, adventure, and keeping touch with friends. With Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter there’s no shortage of ways to see what all your friends are up to. But sometimes it’s nice to get a little more personal. And this is even better news for all us paper enthusiasts.

One great way to stay connected is with a good old fashioned letter in the mail. Make someone feel extra special by dropping them a line while you’re on the road or abroad. Or try sending a letter to your BFF who moved across the country. Your recipient will be surprised, touched, and delighted by your old-timey thoughtfulness.

Here are a few cute stationery picks to get you on your way to snail mail success:

Sophisticated and whimsical, this In Haus Press set is awesome stationery for any occasion.

If you’re headed round the world, take this stylish Rifle Paper Co. Global Stationery set with you to say hello to friends back home.

If you’re just looking to get back in touch with an old chum, try this cute Meow Have You Been card by Tiny Kingdom to see what’s what in their life.

And to send a faraway love to a friend, this Hug You card by Moglea is perfect.

For the one you just can’t be without, try sending this note by Life is Funny Press to show them how much they mean to you.

For the extremely random person in your life, this goat totin’ greeting by Ladyfingers Letterpress says it all.

The Social Type gets to the point and gives you the perfect kick-off for a heartfelt hello.

And the no nonsense queen of them all, Emily McDowell always gives you just the right words for when you can’t find your own.

This hand drawn note from Iron Curtain Letterpress keeps it sweet and simple

This sassy set from Greenwich Letterpress will make old-fashioned letter writing seem shiny and new.

And, finally, nothin’ wrong with just reaching out with this card by Belle and Union to say hey to your sugar.

Now get writing, folks!

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