There’s now a mysterious hatch in the Dear David saga, and we’re sleeping with the lights on tonight

The saga continues. The Dear David saga, that is, about a dead child haunting a man named Adam Ellis, who has kept followers updated about the spooky turn of events on Twitter. It all started back in early August when Ellis first tweeted about the dead child haunting his apartment. Now, he’s discovered a mysterious hatch in his ceiling.

Ellis, an illustrator living in New York City, established early on that this ghost wasn’t there to be friends. No, Dear David — that’s the ghost’s name — is not of the Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost variety. It’s more like an actually terrifying ghost that nightmares are made of. In fact, Ellis claims that Dear David is trying to kill him. Freaky, right?

To catch you up, Ellis has already shared that Dear David has haunted him in his dreams and made random appearances in his life, including appearing on a statue in Japan that Ellis saw while traveling. Once, Dear David appeared at night while Ellis was experiencing sleep paralysis, and the ghost revealed that he died in a store when someone pushed a shelf onto him. Ellis drew his vision of Dear David to show his followers what the ghost looks like. He has a misshapen head, presumably from his fatal accident in the store.

Here’s what Dear David looks like.

It’s definitely not Devon-Sawa-as-Casper.

The last time Ellis tweeted about Dear David was on November 6th. He reported finding mysterious dark photos on his phone that he doesn’t remember taking himself. Now, Ellis has checked in with a new installment of the saga, revealing that he’s discovered a mysterious hatch in his apartment.

Prepare to get super freaked out, ok?

He’s still processing it all, but he’s ready to share.

First, Ellis reminded us of the dimensions of his apartment — they’re an important part of the story.

It all began when Ellis heard the sound of something falling above his head.

He explained that his building doesn’t offer roof access, and there’s nobody living above him.

Ellis also ruled out pipes.

He thought it might be some sort of hidden crawl space he didn’t know about.

Then, it occurred to him.

Maybe the noise is coming from the mysterious hatch in his hallway.

The one he sees every day and thinks nothing of.

Then, things got mathematical.

Ellis always assumed that the hatch led to the roof, but he quickly debunked that theory with a diagram.

He ignored it for a while, but can’t anymore.

He’s been hearing strange noises for a few days, and finally decided to investigate.

Of course, it could just be raccoon.

But what if it’s MUCH creepier? Time to take action.

Ellis decided to buy a gigantic 16-foot pole to poke the hatch and see if it moves.

Ahhh! We are SO freaked out. Suddenly, we want to run home to our non-haunted houses and crawl under the covers.

While most of Ellis’s followers replied to him about their hesitant anticipation, some were less convinced that the crawl space held a clue to the mystery.

One Twitter user even warned him that going to the crawlspace was a bad idea because there is so much electrical wiring and he could hurt himself.

Others seemed less concerned with Ellis’s safety for the sake of continuing the Dear David saga.


Needless to say, everyone wants to know what happens next. Can you blame them? This is one terrifying — and captivating — tale.

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