Is Dear David, the dead child haunting a man’s apartment, a good ghost or a bad ghost?

Illustrator Adam Ellis has a serious ghost problem in his New York apartment. A dead boy named Dear David has been haunting Ellis since early August, and we’ve been following along on Twitter. Although Ellis’s evidence sends chills down our spines, is Dear David as bad as he seems? Is he trying to hurt Ellis or does Dear David simply want to get his attention?

According to The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), known for their Syfy show Ghost Hunters, an intelligent haunting is one that can interact with its environment. If you can remember back to when Ellis installed nanny cams in his living room, we witnessed a potted plant get knocked off a shelf and a turtle shell fall off the wall. Ellis’s green rocking chair also moved on its own.

This kind activity could also be caused by a poltergeist, or "noisy ghost." "[Poltergeist] activity is sporadic," the TAPS website reads. "Sometimes not happening for weeks on end, then occurring many times per day."

Poltergeist activity isn’t necessarily caused by the paranormal. The Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society (HAPS) notes that high stress levels and extreme emotions can also cause poltergeist-like instances to occur. Although, poltergeist activity usually surrounds itself around a teen girl, which Ellis is not.

The worst-case scenario is that Ellis is dealing with a demonic entity, and unfortunately, there’s evidence to prove that this might be the case. Demonic spirits can shape-shift into any form they want, the Paranormal MD Investigative Research & Science Website states. They can sometimes appear as human and other times appear as “black masses standing in doorways,” the site reads.

Remember when Ellis was experimenting with his Polaroid camera and the images kept coming out black? Huh!

And Ellis awoke one morning with a strange bruise on his arm after dreaming that Dear David dragged him across an abandoned warehouse. HAPS notes that demons can physically harm the living.

But demonic hauntings are rare, HAPS continues. Besides, demons usually appear as half-man, half-animal, give off a nasty scent, and growl — none of which Ellis has noted thus far.

We believe that Dear David isn’t actually evil and is just trying to tell his story through Ellis. Looking back on all the evidence Ellis has collected, nothing genuinely bad has happened. The photos, sounds, and videos are creepy AF, but nothing malicious has really gone down.

Dear David seems to be an intelligent haunting, as mentioned earlier. HAPS writes that intelligent ghosts usually hang around because they either have unfinished business or they haven’t realized they’re dead. Our thought is that Dear David, who is just a little boy, perhaps died before he learned what death was.

Or maybe his accidental death was covered up for some reason. Ellis said on Twitter that he researched deaths in his area and found nothing related to what David told him in a previous dream.

A girl who appeared in the same dream warned Ellis not to ask David a third question (which Ellis did), “or he’ll kill you.” But why would David show up in Ellis’s dream if he didn’t want to share his story?

We’re onto you, Dear David! We don’t think you’re as scary as you want us to believe you are.

Uh — well — maybe you’re still just a little scary.

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