What does the Dear David ghost want?

We’ve been scared silly, to the point of needing to buy a nightlight, by the Dear David saga. If you’re just as captivated by the viral ghost story haunting Twitter as we are, then you probably want an answer to the question: What does Dear David want from Adam Ellis?

As we know, Dear David first appeared in the New York-based illustrator’s nightmares back in August. Ellis found out via dreamland that David was supposedly killed by accident when a store shelf fell on his head.

David became much more than a figment of Ellis’s imagination when odd things began occurring in his apartment. His cats became perturbed. Objects fell from a shelf in Ellis’s living room. And perhaps the most terrifying piece of evidence Ellis has caught thus far are physical photos of Dear David on the neighboring roof and a series of pictures showing the dead child at the end of Ellis’s bed.

The haunting is seemingly becoming increasingly severe as time goes on. David isn’t giving up and we’re wondering why. What is David’s reason for haunting Ellis to such an extreme?

After doing a bit of research, we’re confident that Ellis is experiencing an intelligent haunting rather than a residual one.


"A residual ghost repeats the same pattern over and over again, like a movie clip that is on a constant loop," Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society (HAPS) writes on their site. Intelligent hauntings, on the other hand, "have the ability to interact with the living and can move about a location as they please," which David clearly exemplifies.

HAPS writes that intelligent ghosts are often believed to have unfinished business or can’t accept the fact that they’re dead. Our thought is that if David was a young boy when he was killed, then perhaps he’s unaware that he is dead because he never learned about the concept of death before his demise.

Intelligent ghosts may also be attached to an object or location. Ellis’s apartment may have been David’s home at one point, or something that once belonged to David might still be in the apartment building.

Then again, we’re giving David the benefit of the doubt and are hoping that he’s not a malicious entity, but rather just a lost little boy who desires human interaction. However, if that’s not the case, and David is actually seeking some sort of revenge on Ellis, then this haunting will most likely continue to escalate until Ellis gets the hint and either moves out or takes serious action. false

Unfortunately, only time will tell what David’s modus operandi is, and if Ellis can make peace with the dead boy living in his home.

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