Dear David followed his human to Montana, because this ghost is not messing around anymore

For the past few months, Twitter has been obsessed with the ghost of a little boy named Dear David haunting an NYC apartment. It’s terrifying, and fascinating, and all-around intriguing in a “this bonkers” kinda way. Now it appears as if Dear David is actually moving around the country, and this just crossed into scary territory.

While at first glance, it doesn’t seem that big of a deal that an old New York building is haunted. However, illustrator Adam Ellis’ situation with Dear David is basically the perfect premise for a terrifying horror movie. Ellis kicked off his tweet storm back in August, announcing that his apartment is haunted by a ghost, who he thinks is trying to kill him. According to Ellis’ Twitter, David first began appearing in his dreams but quickly began making appearances in the New Yorker’s real life, upsetting his cats, and even revealing his cause of death.

But in a new thread, he reveals something terrifying: David isn’t necessarily haunting Ellis’ apartment. Rather, he appears to be haunting Ellis himself.

The illustrator revealed that he traveled home to Montana for a few weeks, and quickly felt relieved as David’s presence was nowhere to be found. But his relief was short-lived, as David appeared to have tracked Ellis down. After hearing something outside his window one night, Ellis went out to investigate the next morning, finding a set of what appeared to be children’s footprints trekking across his backyard.

Ellis revealed that this all but confirmed to him that Dear David would follow him wherever he went — a thought that naturally terrified him.

He went on to share that he’s tried everything from using sage to rid his apartment of negative energy and has even hired a medium, to no avail. But if David following Ellis to Montana doesn’t already have you in a panic, Ellis revealed that since returning to New York, a few downright terrifying things have happened — including some photographic evidence of Dear David.

Ellis shared that he downloaded an app that automatically takes photos every few minutes and set it up at night. Ellis then had a nightmare where David was hovering over him before suddenly launching onto Ellis’ chest, causing him to wake up. While Ellis thought it was just a terrifying dream, his app picked something up.

For real though, you’re going to have nightmares after seeing this:

Ellis concluded his thread telling his followers that he’s at a loss at this point and has no idea what to do.

While the debate about whether Ellis’ situation with Dear David is the most entertaining hoax in history or Ellis has stumbled into a very unfortunate situation, we have to admit, we’re insanely curious to see how this actually plays out. But for real, hoax or no, we can’t wait until this inevitably gets its own mini-series.