Adam Ellis is posting some cryptic things about Dear David, just when we thought this couldn’t get anymore mysterious

Since he first shared his spooky story of being haunted by a little boy ghost last fall, New York illustrator Adam Ellis has had the internet captivated. His story of a stubborn young spirit he calls Dear David lurking in the shadows gets creepier and creepier with each Twitter post and photo (yes, there are photos, lots of them, some of which feature close-ups of GHOST HAIR). Now, Ellis is freaking us out with his vagueness. In a handful of recent tweets, Ellis has left the interpreting of Dear David-related events up to us, and honestly, we’re terrified.

For context: Ellis posted earlier this month that he had decided to leave his full-time job and focus on “personal projects” (which we’re obviously reading as ghost-related work). On the night of February 13th, though, he wrote a note that could potentially be read as ominous: “please dont worry about me. I’m ok and everything will be like it was before :).” Sure, he might be talking about his job, or another personal issue we’re not privy to, but we can’t help but read a message like that as really saying something like, “Please don’t worry about me EVEN THOUGH A SMALL DEAD CHILD FOLLOWS ME WHEREVER I GO.”

Especially because that post was quickly followed by a short video.

It’s of his cat staring at something we can’t see against the wall — oh, HI, DEAR DAVID — and making a variety of unhappy cat noises. There was, of course, no caption.

So, okay, sure, the “don’t worry” message could just be referring to what’s going on in Ellis’s non-ghost-related life and the video could just be a video of his cat being weird, and lord knows the internet is all about those. But what if there’s more to it? What if the cat is meowing at the ghost, as it may have been in the past? I mean, Ellis has posted similar #catcontent before

And if movies have taught us anything, it’s that the animals always know what’s really up.

See: The Sixth Sense, Return to Me, The Ring, etc.

Ellis has posted at length in the past about how much having Dear David haunting him bums him out and brings a looming cloud of negative energy wherever they go, so hinting that something’s wrong isn’t exactly new. It’s also entirely possible that this whole thing is a huge hoax (even though it’s a lot more fun to think it’s not).

Whatever Dear David is up to now, we’ll definitely be on the lookout for the latest bone-chilling update.