Dear Anyone Who is in Charge of Printing Things

I have a problem that is ruining my life. Okay, that’s a little dramatic. But it’s ruining my decor. Specifically, my bedroom decor. If you do not understand the importance of bedroom decor to my happiness, then clearly, you have never been a teenager. At some point in your life (unless you grew up a rich, emancipated-from-your-parents teen with a premature mortgage), your bedroom was all your had all to yourself. A little corner of the world that contained everything that was yours and only yours. Your posters were a representation of your inspirations, dreams, and things that everyone who entered your private kingdom would recognize as the coolest. This is why I am writing to you. My bedroom is almost complete, but it’s lacking one inspirational, dream-driving, coolest person ever poster. It’s missing a poster of Mindy Kaling. And you need to freaking print one, already.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t Mindy Kaling that smokin’ hot lady with a new show out on FOX, a bestselling book, and an already-established writing and acting career? Aren’t there plenty of posters of her hanging around? Well, you’re right about the first part. Mindy freaking rules. She always kills it: in writing, acting, and probably intense Backstreet Boys karaoke. But the only posters I can find of her are hanging inside cases near the train station, or are ten times the size of my bedroom walls, on billboards. So unless I want to be a petty thief or rent a gymnasium to accommodate one, I can’t get my Mindy poster. And that is simply not going to fly.

Mindy’s self-made career in writing, producing, and acting inspires me every day. I want to write for television, too, and having a role model who’s so intensely confident makes me want to be more confident in my own writing. Also, Mindy isn’t afraid to wear glitter nail polish or have a blog dedicated to things she’s bought. While many would call that frivolous or silly, Mindy just calls it how she is, and people can take it or leave it. That, my friends, is that attitude I need on my wall. And I bet a lot of other people inspired by Mindy need it, too.

Sure, I could find some other celebrity to add to my wall of fame, but it wouldn’t be the same. It wouldn’t be the killer Kaling (just a nickname suggestion, no pressure), the maddest, baddest Mindy (okay, getting carried away), who so many people look up to. It just wouldn’t be the girl with the revenge fantasy workouts, on-point manicures, and winner’s mind. I need a Mindy Kaling poster. Please, printing people, help me out.

P.S., if you do print me one, printing people, I will totally promo you for making a thing that I bought that I loved. Maybe Mindy will, too. If I were her, I’d wallpaper my living room with that s**t.

By Christina Milazzo.

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