“Making a Murderer” themed gifts that fill our Dean Strang-loving hearts with wonder

In cruising the far corners of the Interwebz searching for the perfect Valentine for my honey, I stumbled across something awesome and unexpected. What’s that you ask? Page after page of merchandise and gift ideas dedicated to the Making a Murderer defense attorneys Dean Strang and Jerry Buting.

For many who rang in the new year riveted by the Netflix phenomenon, this shouldn’t be a huge surprise. No matter if you believe that Steven Avery is guilty or innocent, there is one thing that is certain: This tag team of unlikely super stud lawyers stole the show and hearts around the globe. It was inevitable that merch would follow the trend, and boy has it ever.

Here are just a few sensational Strang-Buting gifts to give your Netflix partner in crime, or yourself!

You are the Dean to My Jerry greeting card


Just when you thought you couldn’t think more highly of the moral centers of the docu-series, they became illustrated in Muppet form. Sold.

Dean and Jerry crush mugs


Who doesn’t want to have coffee every morning and discuss the corrupt sheriff’s departments with these hunky gladiators in suits? (Oh and don’t worry, this creative seller also does this pattern on scarves, backpacks and even comforters! The ways to show your devotion to Team Justice are unlimited.)

Manitowac Bling shirt


With all the Drake parodies that live on the Internet, it’s almost shocking there haven’t been more Buting/Strang/”Hotline Bling” tie ins. Well here we go.

Dean and Jerry poster 


Imagine waking up to these two every morning and have them lead your day. They might as well say WWDJD (What would Dean and Jerry Do?).

You Planted The Keys to my Heart downloadable card


Need a last-minute gift idea for the person that held your hand during the nerve-wracking moment where they found those keys behind the dresser? No worries, this Jerry Buting centered valentine is one of five downloadable Making a Murderer cards that are perfect for such an emergency.

Turn and face the Strang shirt


With a nod to the beloved fallen Starman, Bowie, this Dean Strang shirt perfectly captures two of the sources of your heartbreak in winter 2016.

Strang/Buting politicsl pin


Feeling underwhelmed with the political candidates? Maybe a write-in for the dynamic duo of Strang-Buting is something to consider. If they got to the core of that tampered blood sample, surely they could balance the budget!

Dean Strang tot bag


Maybe you need something to tote your law books around in, or you are looking for some extra credit points from your civics professor . . . either way, this seems like the perfect bag! Bonus points: it is guaranteed to start some interesting conversations with people on the subway about the fate of Steven Avery.

Integrity is Sexy notebook


The perfect companion to a tote bag — a notebook where you can scribble your signature with the last name Buting or Strang. Or where you can compile legal briefs, either one.

Love of Justice greeting card


This is the perfect card for anyone you love, whether it be a romantic partner or just a platonic crime-fighting partner.

Teen Idol phone case


Sure, dad jeans and loafers with socks may not be conventionally sexy, but I guarantee you millions reconsidered that look after watching Making a Murderer. Also, if Trapper Keepers were still a thing, we’d definitely decorate ours to look like this phone case.

Who would have expected that these two Wisconsin attorneys would become such heart throbs? Thanks Internet, for making our Strang/Buting merch drinks come true.

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