This deaf puppy was rescued after spending 30 hours in a 50-foot hole

This past weekend, a deaf puppy named Toffee gained worldwide attention after getting stranded in a 50-foot hole in Huntsville, Alabama. After more than 30 hours of hard work, rescuers were thankfully able to free Toffee.

According to, Toffee, a seven-week-old Australian shepherd mix, got stuck in the hole sometime on Thursday, June 28th. Rescuers arrived on the scene at 5 p.m local time and worked late into Friday night to save her. She wasn’t pulled out of the hole until around 12:20 a.m. on Saturday, June 30th.

Karen Smith, who has been fostering the puppy and her three littermates, told that Toffee had fallen into the fissure, which appeared after recent rain and was only a few inches wide.

Smith said, "We let them play and walk around like normal and I was standing on this ledge, when she came running toward me. All of a sudden, it was like, 'Where'd she go?' I looked in this crack in the ground and could see her walking around at the bottom when I shined a flashlight on her."

When word got out that the deaf puppy was stuck, the community of Huntsville came together to save her. Volunteers from across the area arrived, including volunteer firefighters. Rescuers tried to use food and water to lure Toffee into nets. Some volunteers brought high-powered lights and generators, along with other rescue contraptions.

Twitter was full of concerned citizens offering advice, sharing photos from the scene, and sending their best wishes for the puppy:


Toffee was eventually lured into the net with sardines. Some users shared videos of the heartfelt moment when she was brought out of the hole to safety. noted that after being rescued, Toffee seemed pretty happy — she was wagging her tail and appeared to be healthy. In a live interview with WHNT, Smith said, “Y’all, this is a miracle. So many people have been sending me texts saying they’re praying. I’m just so thankful to everybody that came. It’s been an outpouring of kindness and sweetness.”

Our hearts have officially melted.

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