In a surprising twist, Deadpool gives “Wonder Woman” a *sincere* congratulations for its box-office success

Deadpool is much more crass and rude, than he is warm and fuzzy. But that didn’t stop Ryan Reynolds (aka Deadpool himself) from showing Wonder Woman some mad love, respect, and genuine emotion in a recent post.

The movie’s account tweeted some congrats, and Reynolds also shared the post to his Instagram.

In typical Deadpool fashion, there’s still some humor to it. But the bottom line of the message to Wonder Woman is total respect for the film’s box-office domination. At about $368 million in domestic earnings, Wonder Woman just passed Deadpool‘s approximate $363 million. (But, Deadpool is still ahead of Wonder Woman‘s $746 million in worldwide earnings, with $783 million.)

The character even framed a Wonder Woman necklace with heart-shaped hands. And the message reminds us all that Gal Gadot, her director Patty Jenkins, and the badass team of costars — like Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, and Robin Wright — came together and made a smash hit.

Reynolds is currently filming Deadpool 2, so he certainly has plenty on his plate as it is. But we’re so happy to see that his busy schedule that didn’t stop him from recognizing the cultural sensation that is Wonder Woman.

And back to Deadpool‘s success, many people were shocked by just how well the film did. But Reynolds fans know that he’s incredibly talented and absolutely hilarious. So it wasn’t really surprising that people found him — and the movie itself — irresistible, now was it.

He is, after all, the type of guy who happily gives credit where credit is due. Plus, he somehow manages to make us laugh while doing so.

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