Deadpool has a twin. Um, also, it’s a cat.

If you’re like us, you’ve been impatiently awaiting the Deadpool film since that first image of star Ryan Reynolds in costume. You LOL’d at the cancer awareness video, and went, “Awww” when you saw Reynolds and Blake Lively sitting on a Deadpool throne. But no amount of fangirling could prepare you for this:


It makes a lot of sense, really. Cats are hilarious, irreverent, and have the potential to be super dangerous, just like our wisecracking (anti)hero. So how did this adorable Merc with a Meowth come to be?

According to CNET, it all started with Freyu, a Seattle based creator of cat cosplay. Yes, you read that right. Costumes crafted specifically for the same creatures who like to knock drinking glasses off coffee tables, just because.

Freyu has created dozens of these cat costumes, custom-building them by hand. Depending on the materials and intricacy of the costume, some can take up to 35 hours to make.

He revealed to CNET that the cat cosplay began five years ago with his cat Nak, a shoulder-riding calico. He thought it might be fun to costume her in a Jack Sparrow get-up designed for dogs for a Renaissance Faire; dissatisfied with the costume, he made a different one for Nak himself — and the rest is feline cosplay history.

Inspired by nerd culture in its various facets, Freyu has created cat costumes based on Back to the Future, Star Trek, and Rick and Morty. He even recently made a Rey costume, as requested by fans of his work.

While obviously, cats dressed as characters from anime, comics, and video games are precious and make us all squeal, there are some practical questions. Such as, how does one succeed in putting a face mask on a cat? Freyu insists his felines are highly trained and communicate with him if they dislike a costume; however, we’re frankly unsure of why they haven’t clawed his face off, tbh. We suppose both Nak and Deadpool cat, a rescue of Freyu’s named Fawkes, are rare and exquisite creatures.

Freyu’s incredible costumes and passion for what he does haven’t gone unnoticed: James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy (as well as its forthcoming sequel) has tweeted Freyu’s cat Star-Lord cosplay, and Bethesda, the company behind Fallout, among other games, has tweeted their appreciation of his intricate costumes. As for us, we can’t wait to see which feline costumes Freyu whips up next!