Here’s the best news you’ll hear today: There’s a teaser for “Deadpool 2”

If you were hoping to see Deadpool and Wolverine team up in Logan, unfortunately, you won’t get it. And while there was no post-credits teaser either, there is a teaser before the film for Deadpool 2 and it has us pretty excited for the sequel that we’ll be getting at some point.

Deadpool paved the way for R-rated superhero films like Logan, so it’s a perfect fit to see a quick teaser to get us excited for the next Deadpool film before the movie. The teaser lived up to the hilarious yet raunchy tone we expect from Deadpool at this point.

And (warning: spoilers!!) here’s what happened in it:

(And also, there is no video for it, just go see Logan, okay??)

Wade Wilson (aka Ryan Reynolds) casually walks down the street in a hoodie listening to music when all of the sudden he sees a man getting hounded by a thief. He immediately takes action to save the man by…running into a nearby phone booth?! He needs to change into his Deadpool outfit, duh! As we see him changing in the phone booth (you get a quick peek at Ryan Reynolds’ butt btw), we hear the sounds of the man outside continuing to get beat up by the robber. He yells funny things like “help!” and “can’t anyone hear me?!” Of course, Wilson can hear him, but he’s just not ready to save him. Just as Wade zips up his suit, we hear a gunshot. Ooops.

Wilson leaves the phone booth finally dressed as Deadpool and walks over to the man who has been shot and is laying on the ground next to a bag of spilled groceries. Deadpool lays down on the ground, using the dead man as a pillow (!!!) and proceeds to eat Cherry Garcia ice cream that had spilled wondering why he didn’t just call 911. Honestly, we were wondering the same thing!

The teaser also featured some fun visuals for us nerds, like Firefly posters behind the photo booth and a movie theater across the street that says “Now Playing: Logan“. We don’t know when we’ll get Deadpool 2 but if you want to see the teaser head to the theaters this weekend to see Logan.