The Deadpool marketing is getting out of hand, because now Ryan Reynolds is singing on Korean TV shows

Hello, are you prepared to see a video of Ryan Reynolds singing “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie? While dressed like a unicorn? On Korean TV? That’s great news! Because you’re 100% about to. Because, honestly, why *wouldn’t* you market Deadpool 2 with Ryan Reynolds singing on Korean TV? That’s what I want to know.

Between the absurd trailer — one that markets Deadpool 2 as “from the makers of…” popular romantic comedies — and Reynolds’ in-character duet with Celine Dion, it’s almost surprising that he hadn’t done this before. Like, it could have happened a lot sooner. There’s really no way to describe the video that you’re about to see, but I’ll try to set the scene for you just the same. There’s a Korean singing competition show, and Reynolds showed up to participate. While wearing a disguise. A sparkly, over-the-top unicorn disguise complete with a mask — did you know Wade Wilson loves unicorns?

Ryan Reynolds’ singing abilities clearly surprise the judges — and that’s before they realize what’s happening.

Okay, for the record, this dude has pipes. He should sing more often, and not in ironic or bizarre Deadpool 2 marketing stunts. This is a genuinely gripping rendition of a song initially written for an orphaned girl character. And Ryan Reynolds is actually nailing it? I have so many questions. And feelings. But I’m done stalling now. I’ve prepared you to the best of my ability. Without further adieu, here is Ryan Reynolds singing “Tomorrow” from Annie while dressed like a unicorn.

And this is the moment the audiences found out who was behind the sparkly mask:

Fans cannot believe what’s happening. And for good reason! This whole thing is absolutely bananas. In a good way, of course. The lines between the character Deadpool and the human actor Ryan Reynolds are increasingly blurred, and you know what? I’m here for it.

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