Thanks to “Deadpool,” the next “Wolverine” movie might be R-rated, too

Did you see Deadpool this weekend? Yeah, you and just about everyone else did, and in total, the Ryan Reynolds movie grossed an impressive $132.7. Taking into account the four-day weekend, it’s sitting pretty at $152.2 million, which is a lot for any movie. It’s ridiculously impressive for an R-rated movie. Studios are taking note, so be prepared for more of these foul-mouthed films to come our way.

Barely five days after Deadpool’s release, the first one might already be here. According to those attending the Toy Fair going on in New York City right now, the catalogue for upcoming Fox movies includes the still-untitled Wolverine 3, and it’s tentative rating: R.

Now keep in mind that Wolverine 3 is barely in production right now, hasn’t even started filming yet, and so far there are only two names attached to the film: Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart. All of this could completely change before the film’s anticipated release date of March 2017.

Orrrr, Fox, seeing the success of Deadpool, might really ramp up this last Wolverine outing (Jackman has stated that this will be his final film as the X-Men character).  It’s not clear if the decision to aim for Wolverine to be R rated happened before or after Deadpool, but probably before, considering that Fox printed out all these pretty booklets for the toy fair. And that means they knew the R-rated Deadpool was going to be a success before we even saw it.

While the idea of a grittier Wolverine is already exciting, now imagine a grittier Wolverine that also features a cameo from Deadpool. An R rating for the movie basically secures he’ll pop in — and we want that. We want more Deadpool a lot, and the sooner, the better. Even if the movie isn’t all about him this time.