Grab those chimichangas, Deadpool is getting his own pop-up bar

Marvel’s Deadpool is a unique character: a foul-mouthed antihero that doesn’t mind referencing the fact that he’s a comic book creation. He also has a singular, unbridled passion for Mexican food. If you live in NYC or Los Angeles, you’ll soon be able to join him for some chimichangas, because a Deadpool pop-up bar is happening soon.

To promote Deadpool 2, Deadpool pop-up bars will materialize in New York City and Los Angeles before the end of April.

The Deadpool pop-up bar will first appear at Alligator Lounge in Brooklyn. From April 26th-28th, guests 21 and over will receive free slices of pizza on behalf of Deadpool. Now, as Mashable points out, pizza isn’t really a staple of the Deadpool universe. His dedication to Mexican cuisine is well-documented. *Plus,* Alligator Lounge already offers free pizza with the purchase of a drink, so…it’s maybe not that big a deal.

The Deadpool pop-up bar in L.A. rocks a little harder. From May 10th-12th, patrons of Slipper Clutch will actually receive free chimichangas. Much better! Proceeds from the L.A. event also benefit the DTLA Film Festival, which is helping sponsor the event.

If you love Deadpool but not free food for some reason, there are still reasons to go.

The Deadpool-themed events on both sides of the country are being put on by Fox and Mike’s Harder. They’ll be throwing contests for pop-up bar attendees, the prizes of which include chances to attend the Deadpool 2 premiere.

It sounds like the Deadpool pop-up bars are strictly pop-up bars. They’ll appear for a limited time, and only happen in NYC and Los Angeles. Further, it’s likely that the events will be restricted to guests who are 21 and over. It may seem unfair, but it’s not too wild if you really think about it. Deadpool 2 is *so* many things, but family-friendly isn’t exactly one of them. Enjoy your chimichangas, L.A.!

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